I made a decision….and it’s leading to a lot of action.

That decision means I will be on the road from June 2010  until sometime in May 2011, likely longer.

It  is going to be incredible and full of adventure and learning like I can’t even begin to imagine right now.  I’m going to two new states and at least four new countries.  I’ll travel for work: teaching and living with high school or college students for more than nine months of the year.  I’ll have incredible colleagues and be graced with work that is deeply and profoundly meaningful.


Holy CRAP this next year intimidates me.  It’s logistically complicated, emotionally complex and it all seems very BIG right now.  So I’m breaking it into pieces that feel real, tangible.  Manageable.  As I pick up each piece and turn it over I look for ways to make my life easier.  Some of tasks to make my life easier are:

  • Seeing all the doctors I need to see before I go (getting cavities filled next Wednesday!)
  • Buying new, rugged, efficient, awesome luggage (and harnessing Maggie’s “packing light” series.
  • Organizing what I have and giving away/recycling/donating/throwing away anything that does not fit into the “will I use it in the next year/will I want it a year from now” category
  • Updating my email-able calendar (so everyone who needs to know can know where I am with the click of a button)
  • Creating a vision board/book/blog page/something I can take with me of pictures, quotes etc. that keep me grounded and inspired for the times I feel I have given all my pieces away and have nothing to go on.*
  • Signing up for many airline rewards programs
  • Making lots and lots and lots of lists (because the more scared I am the more list I make).
  • The occasional bout of complete and total denial.

Last but not least I am creating this blog.  I have always wanted to make a blog but never felt I had a reason.  Now I do.  This blog will be the proverbial moss to my rolling stone.


Lets get mossy.



*I wish upon everyone a job that requires all of who you are.  I do not take this gift for granted.