“Cities in the 21st Century”

The next four months will be spent in cities, learning about cities, exploring, wandering, eating, sleeping, breathing, teaching, learning, and existing in and through cities.  A daunting idea for a country mouse.

As the faculty fellow for this study abroad program I’m something of a TA for three courses: Urban Planning & Sustainable Environments, Politics and Development, and Culture and Society. This means I’m in class with my students everyday.  I get to take class!  Everyday!  And not have homework!  Exclamations! (!!)  (!!!)

The plan was to write an eloquent synthesis of what I’ve learned about New York in these two weeks but I have no clean underwear and breakfast meeting – so you, dear readers (and by that I mean: Hi Dad!) will have to wait.

In its place here is Radiolab’s hour-long episode on Cities, with a focus on NY. Some things are better left to the professionals.

To come:  “Transportation Justice” – Never thought of it until I did. Now I can’t stop.

Delhi on Friday.