This one is going to be necessarily on the lame side.  Just want y’all to know I have not fallen off the face of the earth.

After two days of misery and four days of cautious eating Delhi belly left and my love for street food returned. Go figure.

However, I think my relationship with soft cheese is over.  There was feta with dinner the night I got sick and I can’t even think about it now with out recoiling. Better off without it.

This past weekend Melissa and I took a side trip to Jaipur and we have some wonderful pictures from the weekend.  I will post them soon once the bandwith can handle more than just email.

My goodness  – after 4 weeks in India it has come to feel complelty natural to be here and to be the IHP program.  As in, of course I’m in India, of course this is totally normal, of course we go to class and site visits, of coursethe entirety of my life revolves around 35 college students, of course all my meals are spent discussing neoliberalism and development models.  I don’t understand whats different about this from “regular” life at all.   Maybe its the culmination of doing this for a number of years with the youth programs, albeit in different circumstances, but somehow this program feels copletly normal and natural for me.  Here’s crossing my fingers that it maintains for the next 11 weeks.

Academically, this is better than grad school – but maybe that’s because I get to live with the faculty.  Speaking of faculty – lovefest. They are amazing, and I’m thankful everyday to work with three women who humble and inspire me.  And good god are they smart.

That’s 30 seconds in my world – mostly for the benefit of my Grandfather – Hi Papa Max! Love to you and Grandma!

I promise, pictures, thoughts and stories comming soon.  I’m still percolating on transportation and space.  Went to an exhibit by Anish Kapoor, architect & Sculptor extraordinaire (of the “bean” sculpture in Chicago among others) – so much more fodder for thought.  An aesthetic conceptualizing of space that turned my brain on its head for a while.

Currently reading:

For fun – The Finkler Question, Howard Jacobson. Overly self-indugent on the Jewish introspection analysis front.  Were Jewish, we talk about ourselves a lot, we get it.

For Smarts – Imagined Communities, Benidict Anderson.  It’s taking me forever and a pencil to get through it.  Each sentence is worthy of thought and I’m having great conversation with the margins.

Wanting – A Suitable Boy, Vikram Seth. We keep talking about it, I’m desperate to read it, but its about a million pounds heavy and who has room for that will all the gifts I bought here!