The jump from point-and-shoot to DSLR was is massive.  I’m on a steep learning curve full of blurry pictures and innumerable re-takes.  This is a random smattering of my Delhi experience.  Flickr page to come.

An obsession of giant proportion.

I know, I know.  I fall in love with all my groups.  But they really are so wonderful.  Two days of stomach bug and I went into withdrawl.  It felt like my birthday when I got to see them all again.


Class on an ancient rooftop, next to an urban village, over looking deciduous forrest at sunset?  But of course! This is IHP.


A portrait of Lily taken by Emma, both students.  They are two sides of the same hand – so different and so alike. Lily a quintessential bohemian, living in group houses and studying stray animals in cites. Emma wears pearls an wants to be a feminist I-Banker. I am trying to learn to take portraits and I love everything about this one.

Everyday there is a festival or wedding somewhere on the streets.  Delhi always looks ready for, or recovering from, a party.

The carrots here are pink and oh so delicious!

My colleague Joc working at an internet cafe because ours is perpetually broken.  She teaches Urban Planning and Sustainable Environments.

This is way bigger than Barbie.

This is my living room and Melissa hard at work.  She is the Politics and Development faculty.

Public. Restroom.  All over India.

Daily Delhi Fog. It’s sunny by 10 am.

(Please tell me if these are too big or too small.  With my 9 inch screen I can’t tell!)