That’s all there really is to say.

It’s been a roller coaster with this group. They  challenged me as a person and educator. I made so many mistakes, fell short and did not live up to them in so many ways. They disappointed and frustrated me, resisting and complaining – moments when I wanted to stand on the table and shout  ” You entitled, spoiled, pain in the ass shits. Look around and understand how lucky you are, how amazing the world is and how much you ARE learning!” Times when it was hard to see the learning, the students who were happy, the successes and joys in a sea of negativity.  A group that looked so easy turned my head (and heart) upside down at times but in the end renewed my faith in process and progress.

This morning in a final group presentation the students encapsulated the learning, the growing, the pushing boundaries and expanding understandings; the struggle with ideas, with us, with each other and with their own (in-)abilities to articulate and contain all that was experienced in the timelapse of four months.

They opened their shell and let us into their stories of love and family, deep thought and deeper connections.  Their love for cities, for each other, for functioning public transportation!

Drawing lines of reflection between the dotted scape of guest lectures, host families and bibliographied ideas they exposed a nuanced, colorful and compassionate portrait of a semester.

Humbled and amazed by a group I doubted.

Quietly, Happily and with much to think about –  It’s over.