CT took off today, she is en route back to her life after a week of wine-, dine-, and sleep-well-past-nine-ing.

And I am now “home”, alone, in bed.

Did I mention I don’t do post-program well? I’m not going to lie I’m a wee bit nervous about the next 10 days.

“10 days, Melanie” you say. “10 days is nothing! Heck, I would love 10 days with nothing to do!” In fact, I think that’s what the rest of you call vacation. I call it a wee bit scary, but hey, we all have different thresholds. I routinely throw myself at the mercy of masses between the ages of 15 and 23 without batting an eyelash. Different fears, people, different fears. 10 days alone, minus structure, plus time to think? Cccooommmmeee bbbbaaaccckkkk CT!

Yup. Home, alone, in bed…

…trying to create some goals and some sort of schedule. Something to keep from analyzing and “processing” the last four months to death, and/or prevent my inner 16-year-old from winning the motivation battle that ends in movie musicals and crime shows.

It’s unsettling because for the first time in 5 months I am alone. There is no one in the next room or on the other side of the bed. There is no one to wake up to, no schedule to keep, no students to herd, transport to coordinate, colleagues to eat with – no one to share it with. Im really good at sharing. Top that off with having been over programmed and highly regimented and I am literally finding it hard to make simple decisions. With half an hour of thought I gave up deciding and ate oatmeal for dinner.

Its time to rely on tried-and-true methodologies: Lists. When in doubt, make lists. (World, you may have lost Opera but I’m here to fill your “quips of wisdom” void)

Entonces, in the next 10 days I will: Take 5 Spanish classes
Go on 4 bike rides
Finish IHP paper work
Write a blog about transportation justice
Go to a museum
Attend 2 couchsurfing meet ups

And just like that my week filled up! List are magic like that.

Thanks guys, you helped a lot. Go team.

Now that I’m here, alone, in bed (with my list!) I’m going to sleep in the middle and use all the blankets. (’cause she’s got the whole bed to herself, she’s got the whole wide bed, to herself, she’s got the whole…..you get it)

Sweet dreams, kids.