Inspired by the incredible Maggie Mason and her Mighty Life List with guidance from Gwen Bell.

Adopt a dog
Live outside of the US for at least a year
Be fluent in Spanish
Raise bi-lingual children
Organize a woman’s retreat
Learn to Surf (started)
Play 10 songs on guitar at a camp fire
Surprise a friend by visiting them in another country
Finish the Coffee In Action Blog
Drink the T26 at the Tegernseerhof Winery in Austria
Serve on the Board of a non-profit
Bake bread
Build an energy efficient house, with my own two hands
Own land
Be invited to speak at an international conference
Build a large piece of wooden furniture with my Dad
Take a vacation with my brother – meet him as the adult he is
Take a wine tour in Oregon
Wear a 100% sequined dress
Harvest and can my own vegetables
Own a sewing machine and learn to hem/tailor clothes
Have a huge beach bonfire party with dancing
Be a mom.
Backpack in the woods for a week
Harvest: Coffee, Olives, Grapes
Have a picnic on a red checker blanket, in a yellow dress on a hill top (straw hats encouraged)
Know basic car maintenance
Make an outrageously large anonymous donation
Ride a motorcycle alone
Buy strangers a meal at a restaurant
Join a social/political campaign
Be trained as a safe sex educator
Buy my parents a theater membership
Commute to work on a bike
Yell in a cathedral – a really, really big one!
Have a bathroom with a huge claw-foot tub and an outrageous amount of natural light
30 by 30 (3o countries by my 3th birthday.  18 19 down, 12 11 to go)
Polar Plunge
Pay for my kids college
Know 15 climbing knots and when to use them
Sail a boat for over a week on the water
See “Wait, Wait don’t tell me” and “a Prairie Home Companion” live
Take dance class again
Organize a big theme party where everyone REALLY dresses up
Own and know how to use a fancy camera
Write 1,000 Thank you notes
Meet with a nutritionist and do a cleanse
Be a bartender
Get a whole van of students to yell COW out the window as we pass a COW!!
Take a month-long bike trip
Tango in Argentina
See Circ De Soleil
Work on a teaching farm
Cook 500 new dishes
Take a picture with Sara on our 50th friendaversary
Wear a BIG ASS HAT to a horse race in England
Give someone else the opportunity of a life time
Be published
Learn to smoke cigars
Be able to answer: What’s your favorite scotch/whisky/burbon?



“When you know what someone’s dream is, your perspective leans toward openness”